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Cedar Carved School Sign

This project was to replace a 30 year old wood sign that could no longer stand on it's own two posts. This sign was to include the logo. Fun project except it took much longer to have the epoxies and stains dry with the cooler than normal weather. It is carved in local Red Cedar. I'm ... Read More


Cedar Farm Sign in the Okanagan

Gift giving season is here! Here is a 3 foot by 1 1/2 foot cedar farm sign. Very simply made and UV protected for years of good "looks".  Holiday gift signs are on the 'to do' list, better get back to the easel!

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Live Edge Cedar Wood Family Name Sign

Shhhh....this is a secret post because I'm working on a commission that is being given as a gift. But take a look at the live edge of  this big hunk of clear cedar - nice eh? Oooh. I'll post more photos when this is done.  

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Family Sign

Now that Christmas gifts have been given, I can share what I've been busy with! Here is a Family Name Sign that was fun to create, right down to the Aztec styled graphic I created from scratch! This sign is made in cedar and finished with UV protecting outdoor finish.  

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Wood Sign – Custom Wedding Gift

This is a custom wood sign given as a wedding gift. Made of clear Western Red Cedar finished with outdoor durable finishes and adorned with profiles of their beautiful Labrador Retriever 'children'!

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A coupl’a Hurry-up and get er’ done!

  Here are a couple of Waldorf School classroom door signs that had to be installed ASAP. They are finished in Bee's Wax (VERY Waldorf) and no paint to keep them NOT busy. (children don't need to be wound up more than they are - have you ever seen a toddler after a regular shopping session?) ... Read More


Hand-crafted Cedar Sign

Here is a hand-crafted cedar sign for the local Waldorf school. This sign had to bespeak the school's philosophies; natural, organic, simple, yet modern. It has been very cold here and my shop is not the warmest! Needless to say, creative juices kept me warm enough to finish this project. Here is a step by ... Read More

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