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Re & Re aged name sign

If I'm supplying the wood, and once I start carving and it cracks and breaks, no problem - I'll start again! Some signs, bits of wood are supplied by the client and always makes for the need to be EXTRA vigilant! Here is the refinishing of a name sign - it has sentimental value to my ... Read More


On the easel – Ginger the horse acrylic Alla Prima painting

Here is Ginger frolicking in the water, and her progression...   A little more colour...and coffee... And then drying, working, looking, walking away from it....and voila!    

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Live Edge Cedar Wood Family Name Sign

Shhhh....this is a secret post because I'm working on a commission that is being given as a gift. But take a look at the live edge of  this big hunk of clear cedar - nice eh? Oooh. I'll post more photos when this is done.  

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Cartoon Caricature scene progression

Client has an idea for a gift - describes the scene, the important elements in it and provides photos of the 'characters'.   I scratch out a pencil sketch and ask the client to 'please use your imagination' as this is a very rough sketch. A couple of edits and corrections and the client approves the pencil ... Read More


The Great Grape Adventure book for children

The Great Grape Adventure by Darcy Nybo and Illustrated by Gaby Knodel. Come join the adventure as Merl Oh takes you exploring through the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Learn about lake monsters, bats, bees, steam trains, paddle wheelers, and much more as you solve puzzles that will lead you to the home of the mysterious ... Read More


Wood Sign – Custom Wedding Gift

This is a custom wood sign given as a wedding gift. Made of clear Western Red Cedar finished with outdoor durable finishes and adorned with profiles of their beautiful Labrador Retriever 'children'!

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Weekend sketch fun

Top Gear on BBC caricature fun - #BBC_TopGear#MrJamesMay #JeremyClarkson #RichardHammond If you haven't seen this show yet, you should! It is hilarious!  

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Process in creating a caricature

Here is my process when I create a caricature. First, after finding out what the client is hoping to have created, I study photo's of the victim...er....I mean subject. The more angles of the photos, the better. Here are the photo's I used in this recent caricature: Then, once I have good photo's to reference, I ... Read More


Going RETRO’ In A Sign

Going retro' in a sign - what does this mean? Well you have to be "vintage" (it's getting easier to do as I gain the years in age!). In this case I wanted to recreate a vintage sign from the 1950's. Sign making in this era is where a Sign Artist took quill dipped in ... Read More


Hand-crafted Cedar Sign

Here is a hand-crafted cedar sign for the local Waldorf school. This sign had to bespeak the school's philosophies; natural, organic, simple, yet modern. It has been very cold here and my shop is not the warmest! Needless to say, creative juices kept me warm enough to finish this project. Here is a step by ... Read More

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