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Ski Cabin Sign

Big White is getting another sign made by me to adorn a cozy cabin. This is made on thick clear western red cedar to withstand the temperatures at the hill.

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Progression of the creature

Here is the progression of the creature in my latest painting, a bald eagle.  

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Fall forest painting

Christmas gift commissions are on the go. Here is a biggie at 3 feet by 2 feet! While walking in the forest, have you seen the purplely shades in the trees? My family and I went for a walk in the forest yesterday and the bright colours sure do compensate for the diminishing daylight. It's definitely ... Read More


Cartoon Caricature scene progression

Client has an idea for a gift - describes the scene, the important elements in it and provides photos of the 'characters'.   I scratch out a pencil sketch and ask the client to 'please use your imagination' as this is a very rough sketch. A couple of edits and corrections and the client approves the pencil ... Read More


Process in creating a caricature

Here is my process when I create a caricature. First, after finding out what the client is hoping to have created, I study photo's of the victim...er....I mean subject. The more angles of the photos, the better. Here are the photo's I used in this recent caricature: Then, once I have good photo's to reference, I ... Read More

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