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Cedar Carved School Sign

This project was to replace a 30 year old wood sign that could no longer stand on it's own two posts. This sign was to include the logo. Fun project except it took much longer to have the epoxies and stains dry with the cooler than normal weather. It is carved in local Red Cedar. I'm ... Read More


Ski Cabin Sign

Big White is getting another sign made by me to adorn a cozy cabin. This is made on thick clear western red cedar to withstand the temperatures at the hill.

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Carved Cedar Signs for business

My little woodshop was tight for space while working on five signs for a business in Kelowna, The Spotted Spa. The three larger exterior signs are made of cedar and the two smaller interior signs are made of pine. The weather challenged this job with the excess of rain we had! The UV protecting stain  took ... Read More


Cedar Farm Sign in the Okanagan

Gift giving season is here! Here is a 3 foot by 1 1/2 foot cedar farm sign. Very simply made and UV protected for years of good "looks".  Holiday gift signs are on the 'to do' list, better get back to the easel!

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Re & Re aged name sign

If I'm supplying the wood, and once I start carving and it cracks and breaks, no problem - I'll start again! Some signs, bits of wood are supplied by the client and always makes for the need to be EXTRA vigilant! Here is the refinishing of a name sign - it has sentimental value to my ... Read More


Live Edge Cedar Wood Family Name Sign

Shhhh....this is a secret post because I'm working on a commission that is being given as a gift. But take a look at the live edge of  this big hunk of clear cedar - nice eh? Oooh. I'll post more photos when this is done.  

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Before and After Pictures of Two Sided Cedar house sign

Here is the before picture of where this cedar house address sign is to go. Here is this cedar sign finally at home. Would you go through the gate knowing there are German Shepherd Dogs waiting?

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Progression of the creature

Here is the progression of the creature in my latest painting, a bald eagle.  

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THE Supervisor

Kootenay, our 22 year old feline AKA King, Disciplinarian, Oh Wise One, Kitten Cat, Baby. He is supervising me here at the easel (I did catch him sleeping on the job 5 minutes before!).

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Process of cedar cabin sign

This client wanted to have a custom sign made as a gift for a birthday. It would hang outside their cabin and need to be able to handle the elements. She gave me three specific items for the sign; hockey logo, their dog and their cat. I drew up a rough pencil sketch of the ... Read More

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